Multicillin Mask Guard

Nanotrap particles are thermoresponsive hydrogels which are capable of capturing live infectious virus, viral RNA, and viral proteins.

A sneeze can produce 25,000 viral particle from an infected source,and for some viruses, even a tiny dose of virus is enough to cause an infection. For example, for half the population, it takes just 18 particles of norovirus to cause an infection.

A drug-free virucidal action that destroys and inactivates air borne pathogens such as covid 19.

Extensive research, technology and innovation allow us to use a safe and effective drug-free method to inactivate a broad spectrum of infectious organisms including enveloped viruses like covid-19 and influenza.

Viruses are usually highly contagious and the absence of immediate and efficient control systems is the main reason behind their potential health hazards...

The Multicillin pad is simply placed or attached inside the mask.

Multicillin mask guard is a thin nano fibers multilayer patch that adheres to the inside of your mask. with a few peel and stick tabs. The layer of nano activated carbons play an important role in the removal of viral particles from air, and viral inactivation by diverse mechanisms, including membrane penetration and high antiviral uptake, which block the ability of the virus to replicate.

The nano activated carbon particles attack the virus before it enters a healthy cell, and instead of fighting it with toxic chemicals, begin a physical attack on the virus by forming an unbreakable bond and pressure on the viral particle and receptors with the result that the virus is inactivated, and unable to replicate because of the destruction of its enveloping membrane.

A major advantage of the drug-free Multicillin is that it avoids the development of drug resistance and the adverse possible toxicity from prolonged use of drugs and chemicals.



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Multicillin Healthguard Division
The Multicillin pad is simply placed or attached inside the mask.
Contains 10 Multicillin pads and tabs for attachment to inside of mask.

The Multicillin nano particle, drug free, anti-pathogen pad is designed to function on the inside of your facemask. Lay the mask down flat with the inside surface facing up and using the special peel and stick adhesive tabs, position the pad to adhere to the inside surface of the mask. The pad is not to replace the use of a mask.

When fixing the pad in position with the adhesive tabs, the best protection is afforded when nostrils and mouth are covered.

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